Socialize in the Starbucks

I never was a coffee drinker. However, I discovered Starbucks!

Since I've enjoyed every workday a cup of Starbucks coffee, I made some interesting experiences. To make your Starbucks life easier I have you some hints:

What to drink?

Starbucks is not just a fast food corner for coffee, it is not just any restaurant. It is definitely different. You get an idea about that, if you glance at the menu. On one hand you will find the coffee of the day, like else where or the cappuccino like in an other Italian restaurant, but you will also get a big selection of syrup to put in the coffee, several teas, mocha drinks and everthing either hot or cold. I give you just a few examples:

The Caramel Macchiato

The coffee gets mixed with some shouts of caramel syrup. On the top you get some wiped cream with an other shout of caramel.

The Frappuccino

The summer drink for hot days (if there are some in San Francisco). It is basically made of frozen coffee with either caramel or mocha and wiped cream. If you leave San Francisco without having tasted the Frappuccino, you missed a really good part of this city.

Are you ready to order?

If you order a steak in a restaurant you are used to answer the questions: How do you like it? - But are you ready for this question if you order a cup of coffee? After a while you get used to the Starbucks vocabulary:

Tall is small, grand is medium and venti is really big.

Once you got the size you still have the following options:

Decaf, extra hot (how can water be extra hot?), low fat, extra caramel and personal cup

Do you remember all options? Are you really ready for Starbucks? - To be sure you can test it here: if you are able to say the following phrase without stopping, then you are ready:

Iíd like a tall, personal, extra hot, low fat, caramel macchiato with extra caramel, please.

What to eat?

If you look at the food at Starbucks you start to dream:


I recommend the butter croissant for breakfast. You almost can compare it with the real good French croissant. Or if you find yourself during the afternoon for a coffee at Starbucks, then I suggest trying the chocolate croissant.


If you donít care about low fat and sugar free, then lets try the big selection of cookies. However I have to warn you: They are so good, you probably canít stop.

Letís socialize!

Even if I like the coffee, and even I had my own Starbucks Coffee mug, it wasn't the drinks or the food, which brought me every morning to this place. It was the atmosphere. The Latin music gave the place a lovely touch, the friendly staff let me know that I'm welcome and the several clients, which came every morning knew each other.

Some days I spent my whole time in the Starbucks Coffee writing my diary or reading some books and on other days we had very interesting discussions about politics, computers, Internet, books, children and so on. Like I explained at the beginning: Starbucks is not just a Coffee shop, it is a place where people have time to talk and socialize.

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