The host family

Edgar and Elvie Delgado grew up in the Philippines and immigrated 10 years ago to California. Even though both had finish their studies in their country, Edgar and Elvie had to start with nothing. Today, Edgar is the Sales manager of the Holiday Inn and the Hotel Ramada in San Francisco. His wife, Elvie is number three of the Hyatt Hotel and works as the night manager usually the late shift from 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.. With Edmond (the 10 years old son) I got along really good. He is interested in everything, so he made it easy for me to talk with him about stamps, pokemancards, Inline Skates, school, Space Camp, Internet and other interesting topics.

In order to get used to a new country, a new lifestyle, a new work and a new life, the host family is one of the most important factors of either be happy or homesick. For this raison I'd like to thank Edgar, Elvie and Edmond very much. They took care of me during the whole 6 month. They were here if I'd like to talk about habits and other crazy things in California and they were there when I had a hard working day.

Due to Elvie's shifts and my schedule we hadn't so many days off together. Nevertheless, we had some really highlights during this six months.

The family invited Beatriz (my girlfriend) and me to the seafood buffet in the Hyatt. Here you can eat us much as you like, or more.... And with exception of the caviar I'd liked everything on this huge buffets.

An other highlight was the BBQ on a beach in the Half Moon Bay. Edmond and I went with our Inline skates for a ride while Elvie and Edgar were preparing the food: Oysters as big as a hand. Edgar knows a really good way to grill them. He puts some garlic butter on top of the oysters and after a few minutes on the grill you'll have the best lunch you can imagin. After the unforgettable lunch we enjoyed the sun, had fun and notihing to do.

The most interesting part of my stay in California, were the long discussion with Edgar. We talked about everything. I appreciate the open communication, so we could talk about family problems, education, school systems, management, Internet, family and a lot other things.

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