3 years ago I've heard about I.E.P and this program: "Work in California"

From this first moment I was exited about this opportunity to see other countries through a different view.

There was no question: I wanted to participate in this program. However, it didn't worked out for several raison until this year 1999. I knew the life and job would be very different of my life back home in Switzerland. On the other hand I knew, that I'm open for new ideas and I like to try new ways. All in all I wasn't afraid of the April 15 (my first day in California) I was more curious and exited about my new home for 6 month.

To be sure it was like I had it in mind, I talked to "old" I.E.P students and tried to inform me about San Francisco through the Internet. So I had an idea what I could expect.

To make it short: This 6-month brought me more then I've ever expected !!! (See also my evaluation)


If you have any questions about this program, let me know:




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