Bay to Breakers

A friend of mine told me long time ago, that the Bay to Breakers is really something special. And he also told me, I couldn’t miss this big event. So I was very excited when I got me start number 2 weeks before the race. Back home I do some orienteering, but they have never more then 1000 participants. The 88th Bay to Breaker was for me one of the biggest race I ever took part of. This year 75'000 people were running the 7.46 miles from the Bay to the end of the Golden Gate Park.


It was Sunday morning, windy and very early (06:30) in the morning, but the BART station in Colma was already crowded with people. Every body seemed to be excited about this wonderful day. When we got of the BART in downtown I couldn't believe my eyes. The financial district, which is usually empty on Sunday mornings, was crowed with all kind of runners. Some were young, even kids of 6 years, others were around 60 up to 80 years old, but still in good shape and all over we could see runners in costumes. In the first moment I thought I went to the Carnival of Rio and not to the Bay to Breakers of San Francisco.


The whole crowed was waiting in the streets. Over the loudspeakers we got the information, that in 10 minutes the race will start. Everybody started with the last preparation, either they took of the sweater, drunk some energy drinks or tried to concentrate on the race. I enjoyed the moment and observed the people.

10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - the crowed was screaming - 3 - 2 - and ONE….. The whole street was shaking, the people were ready for the 7.56 miles, but nothing happened…

No move, nothing. Everybody was waiting, eventhough the race already had started 5 minutes ago. Now, we could see the people moving, but they were still about 300 feet away. It took us almost 20 minutes until we were standing on the start-line. Exactly 12 minutes later (after 32 minutes) Mister Lazarus Nyakeraka from Kenya past the finish-line. However we didn't mind to run 1 hour and 48 minutes to get to the same point, because we had much more fun then Lazarus (I guess so).


First, we walked with the crowed. So we could see the several groups with costumes. Some were pushing a whole Hawaiian bar. And they served some fruit juice, an other group had a huge character from the new movie Star Wars and some others wear cloths like Elvis.

Later, we started to run. However, it was not easy to get through all this people. It seemed to be a big street party, because on several corners you could listen to some music bands, you could buy souvenirs, hot dogs or burritos.

Nevertheless, it was a big party, we were lucky to see the sea after 7 miles. Then we knew, that the pacific was equal with the finish-line. I'm so glad I did this race, because it was not just the goal to get from point A to B. It was more, it was definitely more fun and more nice experiences.

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