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For 2 years I have been working on Internet pages therefore I looked forward to live so close to the Silicon Valley. This area has the reputation to be the heart of the computer science. Soon after my arrival in San Francisco I have heard about the Skyline College around the Corner. As I saw the classes you can take there, I really got excited.

I already knew the computer language HTML, but I never used Dynamic HTML. So I decided to take a class for DHTML. I didn't know what to expect. Whould the school be really good? Would it be adequate to my level? What kind of people is taking these classes? I had a lot of questions and doubts before I started the classes, without reason as I learned very soon.

The 30 students in this class were between 18 and 65 years old. Not only did the several 'older' people surprise me, but I was also amazed about their occupations: We had some teachers, web radio journalist, theater directors, housewife, photographer, agriculture agent and others. It showed the interest and need of the Internet of every single person, regardless of their occupation.

The teacher built teams of 4, which were working together during the whole classes. Our team had to find, like all others, a topic and name for our homepage. With the material and information in this class we should be able to create a small but interactive Homepage. Our Project was called Utopiatravel.

During the six evenings of classes we were sitting together and created, changed, improved and completed a small but funny homepage. Not only were we the only team which succeeded to end up with an entire homepage, we also had a lot of fun. During the discussions about our pages I realized how lucky I was to take this class. Never would I have this opportunity to talk to this people without studying at Skyline College.

It was amazing how much we learned in this 18 hours of class. 'The Cascading style Sheet' (CSS) is probably the most important one. But also the 'mouseover' makes a homepage much more interesting. However, these classes ment more for me than just an other computer formation, it was an excellent way to get know some Americans and their way of living.

The online help you find: Daly-city

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